Greetings from Palmer Legends

This morning I walked out on the back patio behind the golf shop and I noticed a very busy practice tee.  Then it occurred to me that there are probably a few reminders that I could offer to help with your enjoyment of the facility.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sundays we utilize the grass tee-weather permitting.  The other days of the week we would ask all golfers to use the mats.  The practice facility is open 7 days a week and is available from sunrise to sunset with one exception.  On Saturday’s the practice facility closes at 4 pm for maintenance and reopens on Sunday mornings at 9 am.

In busy times you will probably have a difficult time finding an open space.  Keep in mind the practice tee is handled on a first come first serve basis and in most cases the wait should be minimal.

One situation I see quite often is t-shirts being worn to practice.  The dress code is the same for the practice facility as it is for the golf course.  Men must have a collar on their shirt and no t-shirts, running shorts, or cut offs are permitted for men or ladies.  I offered a few reminders of the dress code but please call the golf shop for more details.

I thank you for your support and cooperation and look forward to seeing you at the club.

Mark Verkey,
PGA Professional
Palmer Legends Golf & Country Club

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