NANCY LOPEZ - Pro's Corner

Greetings from; The Nancy Lopez Legacy Country Club

The Villages peak season is right around the corner and all of our friends are returning to their Florida homes to enjoy the beautiful weather.  Everyone will be clamoring for tee times on all of our Championship golf courses.  When making a request remember to include as many Country Clubs as you can and keep the time frame as wide as possible.

9 HOLES is an option…every day before 8:00AM and all day Saturday and all day Sunday.  Reserve your tee times through the tee time system and simply notify our staff when you check in that you would like to play 9.       

For all of our Priority Members, we still have Men’s Day every Tuesday and Ladies Day every other Wednesday.  Both provide some great competition camaraderie.  Sign up through the tee time system either on your computer or over the phone. 

Except for some tee boxes we will not be over-seeding the golf course this year.  Not over-seeding is going to greatly improve play-ability but we are losing a layer of defense to all the traffic.  Please help us take care of the courses by using the 90 degree rule, filling divots and fixing ball marks.        

Our golf shop is well stocked with everything you need to look good and play better. 

Look for the “Villages Golf Championships” coming in March.  This will be a 3-Day event to decide the best golfers (of all levels) in The Villages.  Competitors will compete on March 19th, 20th, and 22nd.  Check with any golf shop for more information.

As always, if there is anything the Lopez staff can do for you, just let us know.

Steve Hanson,

PGA Professional
Lopez Legacy Golf & Country Club

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