Whew…looks like the cold winter is behind us and we are now in full “Florida Mode” with sunny warm weather and the customary excellent course conditions.

Tip…this time of the year it is important to check the golf course aerification schedule (available on www.golfthevillages.com or at your favorite golf shop) when booking tee times, this will ensure the best available playing conditions.  A few other helpful hints:
  • When setting up a tee time request, select as big a window of time as possible.  Remember the greater the time frame the better the opportunity, and if you select both the first and second wave you will double your chances…!
  • Be flexible as to where you will play, the more courses you select with your request the better the opportunity to find your tee time.
  • Play a Championship course after 4:00 pm.   There are no points, the rates are reduced, and play is unlimited!
  • Also, remember that Executive points and Championship points are accumulated separately.
While at times it may seem a bit daunting, tee times are available if you are flexible with time and preferences.  Be sure to secure a copy of the booklet “Golfing In The Villages” which is available at all championship golf shops, or give your favorite golf shop a call should you have any questions.We look forward to seeing you at the club!

Kim Lee,
Facility Manager / PGA Professional
Hacienda Hills Golf & Country Club

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