TIERRA DEL SOL - Pro's Corner

Welcome Back To Another Fall/Winter Golf Season in The Villages!

As we move forward into the fall/winter golf season the overseed process will begin at Tierra Del Sol as we prepare the golf course for the winter season.  Golf in The Villages continues to grow in record numbers due to your faithful patronage and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you each season.

The overseed process continues throughout The Villages into early November and will take place this year with a slightly different twist.  Due to severe water shortages this year we have chosen to overseed tees and greens only.  For more information about this decision, and the circumstances surrounding it, please refer to a recent news announcement from our Director of Agronomy, Rickey Craig.

Your best source of maintenance schedules and information can be found at www.GolfTheVillages.com or on the green page of The Villages Daily Sun.  Overseed schedules can also be found at each Country Club golf shop via the Turf Talk newsletter.

For the veteran resident, those new to The Villages or returning for another season, I highly recommend attending our Good Golf School to receive an overview and refresher of our golf reservation and tee time system and a host of information about how to maximize your opportunities and experience the greatest golf and country club experience in the world.  The Villages can offer a great golf experience and learning a new trick with the ins and outs of how we do things within the golf and country club system will only enhance your experience.

As always our friendly staff is here to assist you with all of your golfing and shopping needs and we look forward to seeing you at the club.  Please be sure to stop in and say hello during your next visit to Tierra Del Sol.

Kevin Sackville,
Facility Manager
Tierra Del Sol Golf & Country Club