HAVANA - Pro's Corner

Seasons greetings from Havana Country Club!

Welcome back to all of our winter friends! It is another beautiful day in The Villages and the staff at Havana Country Club is here to help you make the most of it! You may have noticed a bit more commotion on the streets of The Villages lately, as well as on the golf courses!

For those of you that stayed with us through the summer, we were able to get in a ton of golf due to all of the warm, dry days. Unfortunately, that warm, dry weather has caused a water shortage throughout central Florida and has given us opportunity to get creative with our annual agronomy practices. The overseed process began in October and ran into November this year, but with a twist.  Due to severe water shortages, you will see that we have decided to overseed tees and greens only. This change to the overseed process will, in turn, give us the opportunity to get the courses much “cleaner” with quality grasses, more time for weed control, and given a normal winter, we will come out of this transition in the spring stronger than ever.

As far as the holiday season goes, please keep an eye on www.golfthevillages.com and the green page in the Daily Sun for upcoming specials and promotions. You will find many opportunities to get the whole family ready for the coming 2017 season.

Please contact me at tyler.krager@thevillages.com with any questions or concerns.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon out at Havana!

Tyler Krager,
Facility Manager / PGA Professional
Havana Golf & Country Club